Posted by: sunnyharvy | March 14, 2011

Preparing for Our First Journey

Over the past several years my husband and I have sporadically been looking for a small recreational vehicle (RV) to suit our needs. One that would fit in a standard parking spot but allow for extended cruising with ample storage capabilities and comfortable living.

After many disappointments, our friend Karen led us to the perfect solution – The Westfalia Sprinter. She had traveled in caravan with her brother-in-law who had one. He was kind enough to give us a detailed tour of his and we were quickly sold on all of its innovative and well engineered features. The fact that the Sprinter has a 5-cylinder Mercedes power plant is a bonus.

Now that we knew the proper vehicle existed, we had to find one available for sale. Somewhere between 200 – 250 of these vehicles were imported just once, in 2005, by Airstream. We joined the online owners’ forum and within a couple of month’s a member posted that he had just traded his in at a dealership in Florida. A nearby relative took it for a test drive, gave his approval, and we sent a deposit check.

Now we are making plans to fly down to bring it home. Boxes of bedding, kitchen, and other supplies are packed and ready to ship. We will pick up the vehicle and then spend a few days figuring out all the systems and loading up our supplies before heading north at a leisurely pace. Planned stops include visits with family and friends as well as a few campgrounds.


  1. Are you still happy with this vehicle? May I ask what the price was and if you recommend buying used?

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