Posted by: sunnyharvy | April 1, 2011

Rough Start to Smooth Sailing

Did not watch morning news and missed all the announced warnings at our airport departure gate as we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast elsewhere in the terminal. Good thing too or our anxiety level would have risen during discussions about terrible weather across the entire state of Florida and how we might get delayed or detoured.

The second half of our flight was very rough, but our able flight crew managed to dodge the worst thunderstorms and tornadoes. We arrived only 45 minutes late while many other flights were delayed hours. It was pouring when we arrived, but we found our salesman and headed over to the RV dealership after a quick stop for lunch.

My husband and I were both a bit apprehensive as we caught our first glimpse of haRVy in real life, but our fears swiftly melted as we looked him over. Everything is in much better condition than expected. The more we saw the happier we felt about our decision. He seems to be in tip-top shape with nearly all the original mauals and equipment even a matching umbrella.

The guy who was supposed to give us the full vehicle demonstration was out unexpectedly because his house roof blew off earlier that day. Another very nice service guy helped us go through the manual to figure out everything we needed to get started. haRVy has many unique features and systems unlike other RVs, so even these guys who work on them every day are not familiar with some of them.

It continued to pour rain with with thunder and lightning all afternoon, but at least we know that haRVy is water tight. Earlier in the day the wind ripped an awning off another RV at the dealership while they were showing it to prospective buyers.

After 2.5 hours to 3 hours we finally started haRVy up and drove over to the sales office to hand over our fat check. At 5:20 haRVy is ours and we are soon cautiously sailing down the highway under threatening skies. We arrived at our relative’s home (where we shipped all the boxes with our RV stuff, remember?) at around 8 o’clock –  tired but satisfied that we had accomplished what we set out to do that day.

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