Posted by: sunnyharvy | April 2, 2011

Loving the Warm Weather

Today was all about being outdoors in the sunshine. I got out early for a walk around the complex, which is quite an unusual mix of nice homes, natural landscapes, ponds, bike and nature trails with an array of wildlife. I walked up on a pair of Sandhill Cranes and they could have cared less about me. I got within 5 feet of them.

After breakfast we went for a bike ride and saw more birds and even an alligator.

Later in the day our hosts took us around the area to beaches on Long Boat Key, Lido Key and Siesta Key.

Wildlife Accept Human Presence in Florida

While it felt REALLY good to be out in the sun, it got pretty hot and by mid afternoon I had had enough so we had an early dinner and headed back home.

My husband got the spare tire installed this morning and worked on a few more odds and ends this evening. We officially begin our journey north tomorrow morning. After we provision at the local market and fill up on diesel, we’ll head across the state to St. Augustine.

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