Posted by: sunnyharvy | April 3, 2011

Our First Campground

We made it to our first scheduled stop at 5:30 this afternoon. Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine, Florida is quite nice. There are 139 camp sites, but each is surrounded by dense vegetation so you get quite a lot of privacy.
I made salads, brown rice, and tilapia filets for my first experience utilizing our little galley kitchen. It is compact but efficient with a good 2-burner propane cook top, sink, and surprisingly ample counter space.

Making Dinner

Washing Dishes

We walked down to the beach at sunset (about 20 minutes each way). It’s a beautiful 4-mile long powdery white sand beach with protective dunes and picturesque sea grass. It is particularly enticing after driving miles of coastline that is totally obscured by condos and resorts. Here it is refreshingly unspoiled. There is also an inlet where people paddle and windsurf as well as hiking and biking trails.

Sunset on the Beach

The dishes are done and we’ve had our tea, so it’s time to make up the bed and try that out now. Good night.

Our Next Door Neighbors

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