Posted by: sunnyharvy | April 5, 2011

Clear Sailing Today

The weather front rolled through during the early morning hours. it was a bit nerve racking at first with waves of heavy wind and rain for several hours, but no hail or tornadoes developed so we are happy.

We got a late start this morning due to the storms and a shop for some camping necessities, but once we got going we made pretty good time. Nothing terribly interesting to report about the areas of South and North Carolina we passed through today, but the scenery was pleasant enough and we found some nice highways that were not too busy.

Once the skies cleared just after noontime it became a beautiful day although a bit cooler.

We are really enjoying this mode of travel and look forward to a much more leisurely pace in the future when we have looser itineraries. Moving on every day is getting tiresome and expensive as we burn through the diesel fuel. We are getting good mileage though, at least 20mpg.

I’m too tired to say much more except that we are comfortably hooked up at a nice campground on the Neuse River. Al has enjoyed seeing parts of the Intracoastal Waterway on which we sailed a few years ago.

Fishing Pier on Neuse River at our Campground

New Bern Campsite

Dirty Work

Tomorrow we head into Virginia.


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