Posted by: sunnyharvy | April 10, 2011

Almost Home

Last night we stayed with friends in Connecticut. Time spent socializing and dining out was more fun than posting to this blog, so my entry was postponed until now. Our friends prepared lattes and a nice breakfast for us this morning and I availed myself of their abundance of hot water by using their shower.

We are now driving our final leg into our 12th state in 8 days – Little Rhody. We plan to provision at Trader Joe’s and then head home with some mixed feelings. The week has been interesting and enjoyable for the most part, but driving many miles practically every day is tiring. Thankfully we’ve both been sleeping well in our comfortable bunk and preparing satisfying meals in our efficient galley.

Driving haRVy has proven to be less taxing and more comfortable than anticipated. A lot of that has to do with the design of the front seats. I had been worried about that aspect, but both the driver and passenger areas offer many adjustments to alleviate fatigue. The driver’s seat even has pump-up lumbar support. If I put my feet up on the dashboard I can stretch my legs out straight like on a BarcaLounger and it doesn’t even impede on the driver’s visibility. We both appreciate that the seats are supportive yet not too hard and that they are cloth covered rather than vinyl or leather, both of which can be cold or hot and sticky.

Photos from yesterday’s trip up the Jersey Shore:

Returning to Asbury Park 42 Years Later

Asbury Park Casino Remnants

Asbury Park Carousel Building Window Detail

Carousel Building

Sandy Hook Beach – NYC in Distance

Lest you think everything went perfectly during our journey, I will now point out that there were some problems. Luckily they were mostly minor and we did manage to successfully meet all our self-imposed goals. Along the way we did experience a few mishaps and learning opportunities. The spare tire carrier design needed last-minute alterations, we found a ferry where we expected a bridge (luckily there was one leaving in 10 minutes), we blew out our water hose the first time we used it, we thought the kitchen faucet was broken, but it turned out to be operator error, we tried to light the waterheater pilot in the wrong place, we almost took out a few branches and wires, we navigated to the wrong island in New Jersey and to the wrong house in Connecticut. Navigation proved to be our biggest challenge with two electronic devices, maps, signs, and two often differing opinions, discussions occasionally got a bit heated. We survived though and look forward to more harmonious journeys in the future.

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