Posted by: sunnyharvy | July 9, 2011

Cape Cod Camping Continued

We’re back home now, but I wanted to add a few more photos and comments about our mini-vaca.

Our friends Candie and Rae, who live in another area on Cape Cod,  came out to see us at our camp site. They brought their bikes so we did some more riding on the beautiful trails. After working up a good sweat we took to the warm, clear waters of nearby Cliff Pond. I cooked them dinner in haRVy’s wonderful little galley.

The evening before last Lois, Richard, Dawn, and Andrew hosted dinner at their campsite. Andrew prepared delicious grilled veggies and fresh caught cod. I contributed a big salad with lettuce I grew myself. Everything was delicious, including the sunset through the pines.
Tremendous thunderstorms awoke us on our last morning. The rain started slow but became torrential quickly. Trying not to feel too smug, we watched as the tent campers scurried around trying to keep themselves and their belongings dry. Unfortunately, that was very difficult and many chose to pack up quickly and leave. We waited until the worst was over before venturing out to secure the bicycles, crank in the awning, and head for home.

Even though it was a very short trip, in both time and distance, it truly felt like we had gotten away from it all. We parked once and used our bikes and feet for transportation for three days. A very pleasant respite indeed.

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