Posted by: sunnyharvy | July 27, 2011

My Birthday

Mother Nature gifted me with the most glorious weather today. I can’t even fully describe how perfect it is. Blue skies with white puffy clouds, warm sunshine, cool breezes, calm water…simply spectacular.

I am equally grateful for my loving husband who is providing for my every desire today, beginning with cooking up a delicious breakfast of perfect over-easy eggs on whole wheat raisin toast, fresh fruit, and good strong coffee.

Later this morning we paddled the kayaks along the coast to a lovely spot for our picnic lunch.

We don’t want to leave our beautiful campsite so dinner won’t be anything too special, but I am happy to be so totally relaxed and soaking in the natural beauty all around us.


  1. Hey Leslie, Your travels and birthday celebration have been fun to follow. Yes, it's hard to believe this was my 75th. Those years spin past quickly at this stage. All the best, Sean

  2. I am glad you enjoy my postings. I will keep adding our travel logs as they occur. Next up is “WestyFest,” a gathering of Westfalia Sprinters like ours, in upstate New York over Labor Day weekend. We are adding days on both sides of the fest to see friends and visit Letchworth State Park “the Grand Canyon of the East.”

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