Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 30, 2011

Searching for Open Bridges in Upstate New York

Crossing the Hudson River at High Tide

After leaving home at the crack of noon…we spent the afternoon trying to get through the area around Albany that had been ravaged by Tropical Storm Irene. We tried to avoid the traffic congestion caused by the closing of sections of the Thruway by going south a bit and then west on smaller roads just north of the Catskills (NOT a goood idea it turns out), but after hitting several deadends due to flooding (seriously folks, we saw cars washed downstream and restaurants full of mud) we wound up at a KOA campground on the eastern edge of the Catskills that is open (unlike several others we called) but without water or electricity (no problem for us). It is in a nice, quiet setting with lots of trees and a small fishing pond. Needless to say there are very few other campers here.

Skylight view

Where are all the campers?

This afternoon a highway worker at one of the deadends told us we could get through on Route 28, so that’s what we’ll do tomorrow. Heading to Auburn to visit with MaryEllen who is out from SoCal to see her siblings.

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