Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 3, 2011

Among Kindred Spirits at WestyFest IV

In the heat of the afternoon yesterday, we arrived at our hosts’ Jack and Jeff Simak’s house in Clarendon, New York. Personally I’ve been waiting for it to cool down ever since. It is very hot and humid so my energy level is very low, but it has been fun to meet many kindred spirits, receive lots of advice, and view a myriad of modifications on other Westfalia Sprinters. Al now has at least another year’s worth of projects to keep him busy. We are the only one out of 12 or 13 vehicles here carrying kayaks, but many of these folks are serious travelers. I can’t believe the mileage some of them have covered! Most of them are the original owners at least one has put on 80,000 miles in 5 to 6 years. One owner, who lives in Honolulu comes over to travel the continent every summer.

Last night we were on our own for dinner and today many went of in various directions for activites. We stayed here to glean all the knowledge we could while we have access to so many brains to pick.

Tonight there is a group potluck dinner, which should be fun and tasty.

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