Posted by: sunnyharvy | July 28, 2012

More fun on the Bay of Fundy

We got up early to do laundry, pump out, fill water tanks, get WiFi access and check out of the campground. Nearby Point Wolf provided a lovely hike down through the forest on a boardwalk and many wooden staircases to another incredibly deep beach.

We had lunch in Alma (gateway to Fundy National Park) at The Octopus’ Garden with our new friends from Colorado. They’ve been on the road since February and figure they might be home by Christmas! At 3 p.m. we finally left the area to visit Hopewell Rocks, where all the promotional photos for New Brunswick are taken.

Once again we lucked out on the tides. We thought we might be disappointed since we were three hours past low tide, but it turned out to be very interesting since we could see the tide coming in fast while we still got to walk amongst the “flowerpots” as the formations are called. Plus, since it was relatively late in the day, there were far fewer folks around. This is the biggest tourist attraction in New Brunswick and we’ve been told it can be oppressively crowded. We spent a good couple of hours checking everything out and taking way too many photographs. A little blue sky would have been nice, but I was thankful for the coolness the cloud cover provided. We have found the afternoon sun here to be surprising harsh. It is really hot and requires lots of sunscreen protection.

After enjoying the rocks, we pressed on into Nova Scotia. When we found cell coverage in Moncton, we called another farm that offers free camping near the shore of the Northumberland Sound in Northport. An hour later Melanie and Charlie welcomed us warmly, even inviting us in for some wine. We deferred to coffee in the morning since it was 9 p.m. and we hadn’t eaten our dinner yet.

Party cloudy, sporadic sun, warm temperatures. 119 miles


  1. fascinating country…..

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