Posted by: sunnyharvy | July 30, 2012

Moving on to Cape Breton

Went to an exercise class at the community center with Melanie this morning where I met an interesting bunch of the local ladies. The workout was pretty good too.

While we had good internet access we did some online work and researched camping options at our next projected stop in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. Baddeck is a lovely little town we visited a few years ago when we did a quick tour in my VW bug.

As we said our fond farewells, Melanie presented me with a jar of cherry jam she had just made from her own fruit. Yesterday Bev gave me a huge bunch of Swiss chard from her garden, which was great because there were no greens available at the farmers market.

This has been a fun stop with much more personal interaction than usual. Nice people living in a pretty place.

We looked for a picnic spot along our route and went a bit off the road to Brule Point where we witnessed an interesting phenomenon across the strait. The horizon actually seemed to drop off the edge of the earth with the puffy white clouds reflecting on the glassy surface. It was quite extraordinary. Photographs don’t really capture it, but we took dozens of shots to try anyway.

We made it to our campground destination around 6:30 and settled in for the evening.

Gloriously sunny with mid 70 temps. 207 miles

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