Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 11, 2012


We couldn’t resist stopping in the town of Dildo. Who could, right? We went to the Dildo Interpretation Center where the $2 admission included a private guided tour of their little museum, which truly enriched our understanding of the area. Part of the tour did include some discussion on how the name came to be, but I’m not buying their hypothesis. Their exhibits include a display with photos of a German “flying ship,” with 12 engines, which had to make an emergency landing in their harbor for fuel in 1932, on its way to America. We also learned about various groups that settled in the area over the centuries.

Admiral Al with the original Captain Dildo

Then we were off on the Discovery Trail up the Bonavista Peninsula where we finally found some farm stands. There are not many vegetables grown here since the soil conditions (rock!) are so difficult. We purchased strawberries, blueberries, turnip greens, carrots, and cucumbers…yumm.

Turned down Route 329 toward Trinity, an historic village we hope to explore tomorrow. We kept going to the end of the road in search of a place to boondock. At the very end of the road we found a recreated 18th century village used as a set for a mini-series named “Random Passage” filmed in 2000. It is now an off-the-beaten-track tourist attraction. We arrived long after the visitor center had closed for the day so we wandered around on our own. Although we know absolutely nothing about the series, the village is interesting, but the natural setting surrounding it is stupendous. It was very foggy, which made it difficult to capture in photos, but it was magical to behold.


Some rain and fog, cooler. 151 miles


  1. How far was it from Dildo to Heart’s Content, Heart’s Desire, and Heart’s Delight?

  2. oooh! what beauty!

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