Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 19, 2012

Back to the mainland

After a leisurely morning we drove back to the ferry dock to get in line. There is only one ferry running this year, which worries the locals so much that they bring their cars out hours early and have friends drive them home and back 30 minutes before departure. We lined up about two hours early for the 1:45 departure. The next one wasn’t until 4:00 and we were ready to move on. Luckily there was WiFi available in the nearby restaurant, so I was able to spend some time online there while Al shaved and took care of some other chores.

Fogo Island is a very pleasant laid-back place. Unfortunately, the windy and cool weather was not particularly conducive for hiking. We are, however, grateful that it did not rain as a 90% probability was forecast. Newfoundland is rich in hiking trails and one could probably spend a lifetime exploring them all.

On our way to our next destination at Twillingate, we stopped in Port Albert for a photo op.

The lighthouse on Long Point near Twillingate was a bit of a disappointment, but the vast view from the platforms nearby was not. At the right times of year one supposedly can see icebergs and whales from there, but neither was there for us.

This photo does not do the view justice, but it was just too big to capture.

We treated ourselves to dinner out since it is rare to find a restaurant that is open, let alone one that serves food we prefer to eat (not deep fried). Al had a seafood pasta dish and I had steamed mussels and salad. Both were quite good and we were happy to not have to cook and wash dishes for a change.

Dildo Run Provincial Park is our home for the night. It’s a pretty little heavily treed park near an ocean inlet of the same name. We got a 35% senior discount, so it only cost $18 with electricity – woohoo! We’re both overdue for showers, since we’ve been boondocking, so we will take advantage of those facilities here too.

Cloudy and cool. 90 miles + ferry.

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