Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 13, 2012

Wayne’s world

OK, so the trains weren’t so distant after all. It turns out that there is a railcar switching yard nearby and several cars apparently needed switching late last night. It was interesting… especially since we couldn’t figure out exactly what the noise was for a while. Luckily neither of us lost much sleep over it and we were up bright and early so Wayne and his crew could work on our projects.

Wayne’s “lower 40” where we boondocked overnight

Turns out that Wayne is a pretty interesting guy. He was an Olympic weightlifter in the 70’s and has a bit of a different outlook on life than most. He definitely believes in giving back as he has constructed several welded monuments to charitable organizations. His “tree of life” that commemorates loved ones lost to cancer sits in downtown Truro. A prototype of the tree also sits in his yard.

He does good work at reasonable rates too. Al’s reinforced bike and kayak rack was done and paid for by 1:30 and we were back on the road through scenic Wentworth Valley and on to Amherst. We splurged on a night at a full service RV park because we were in need of a pumpout and showers. This type of place is not our preference, but many of the smaller campgrounds and provincial parks are already closed for the season.

One of our neighbors tonight

Yet another beautiful sunset. We’ve had more than our share on this trip.

Sunny, windy & warm. 64 miles

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