Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 22, 2012

Goodbye PEI

And the rains came… It rained hard all night, but let up for most of the morning. We’ve done just about all we set out to do on Prince Edward Island and the winds are relatively light, so we decided to take the long bridge back to the mainland.

On the way to the bridge, we viewed the “highest point in PEI” at 142/meters or approximately 450 feet. It really stands out against the low lying gently rolling farm fields.

After crossing the bridge, we backtracked ourselves a bit to return to Charlie and Melanie’s in Northport, Nova Scotia for a night or two. We need some time away from constant driving to plan the remaining three weeks of our tour.

We stopped at a local winery where we did some tasting and purchase a couple of bottles.

Fall foliage is slowly becoming more apparent as today is officially the first day of autumn.

Rainy, warm and humid. 62 miles

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