Posted by: sunnyharvy | October 7, 2012

Casting about in Castine

Happy to have a place to call home for a couple of days, we hung out at Lauri and Doug’s in lovely Castine today. This morning we walked over to the Maine Maritime Academy for Sunday Brunch. Just couldn’t pass it up at just $6 per person.

Another walk around town took us to lunch at BAH’s Bakery, a cute little spot we tried last time we visited, which specializes in homemade healthful delights. The apple-fennel slaw was to die for. We did a little gallery gawking and shopping to complete our town tour.

Back at the cottage we relaxed, took showers, did laundry, got caught up online and enjoyed the pleasures of having a house to lounge around in. We took Doug out to dinner at the local wharf restaurant.

Three meals out made today feel like a real vacation day – no food prep, no cooking and no dish washing!

Sorry I didn’t take any photos today. We shot all the highlights when we visited last summer.

Cool and mostly cloudy. Castine, Maine. ZERO miles

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