Posted by: sunnyharvy | October 10, 2012

Back to civilization…?

Nice drive in light traffic south on Route 1 through several charming seaside villages. We stopped at Cabelas in Scarborough for a free pumpout. We went through the store, but purchased nothing. I’ve never seen so much camouflage or so many guns in one place in my life!

Traffic through Southern Maine, into New Hampshire, and around Boston was pretty intense, but my driver handled it all with ease. We’re not in Newfoundland anymore – that’s for sure!

We arrived at Buzz and Marnie’s in Marlborough, Massachusetts in time to observe the first couple of steps in their home winemaking process.

We had a nice visit and a good sleep during our last night aboard haRVy (for a while at least).

Intermittent rain and cool. Rockland, Maine to Marlborough, MA. 220 miles


  1. Otto likes Cabelas. Mostly for their clothes but he is also learning to shoot to hunt deer.

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