Posted by: sunnyharvy | November 10, 2013

Happy to be on the Move Again


Thank you Mercedes Benz of Sarasota for taking care of haRVy’s problem so efficiently! We are extremely happy to be on the road once again. I really can’t say enough about the folks at this dealership. They were nothing short of amazing in every aspect. Gotta love the marble bathrooms, unlimited delicious coffee and fresh baked cookies too! They really know how to treat their customers AND deliver on their promises. Even though our repair (new engine computer module and battery) was not inexpensive, it was considerably less here than at the first garage we got towed to, which was not entirely capable of doing the job. SO glad we went with our instincts and had haRVy towed the extra distance.

Fort DeSoto Campground near St. Petersburg, FL was highly recommended by several people, so we had to add it to our itinerary. We are certainly glad we did! Located on five keys well out in the Gulf (it took several bridges and tolls to get there), the natural oasis offers miles of bike paths, a kayak trail, beautiful beaches, and beautiful, private campsites.


Getting settled into our camp site.


Short pathway to the waterfront directly across from our site.


Sunset on our first evening. Thursday night was very peaceful as the campground was only about 20% full. Friday night was quite a different story, but we were happy to see so many kids enjoying the outdoors rather than their phones and computers.


This trip isn’t all fun and games. There’s also work to be done. The domestic type…


and the income-producing type.


Not a bad place to work though.


Enjoying a quick dip in the Gulf during a bike ride around the park.

Concurrent to our visit, the 20th Annual Bulli Brigade came to Fort Desoto for a meeting of pre-1967 Type 2 Volkswagen vans, busses, and pick-ups. What an amazing gathering of vehicles and people! I’ll share a few of my photos here, but if you’re a real enthusiast, check out the slide show Al put together for me here.




This 1961 camper conversion was done by the same company that did ours – Westfalia. See any similarities?


  1. Glad to hear you guys are back on the road!

  2. Wow. The VWs are cool. I like the photo of the cow (?) skull on the grill, it would make a nice drawing. I also love your sunset photo. It’s getting very cold in New England, your photos are inviting!

    • Your pencil drawings are amazing, Kendra! I’d love to see you do one of that photo, it is one of my favorites too. Thanks for leaving a comment. It’s always good to hear from my readers.

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