Posted by: sunnyharvy | December 2, 2013

The Joys of West Texas

We had dreaded driving across Texas until we got about half way across and discovered the most southerly and western parts of this diverse state. Here is a taste of what we discovered after our week along the Rio Grande.


The eclectic and entertaining town of Marfa, which is literally in the middle of nowhere.


We enjoyed a gourmet dinner out at Maiya’s, shown at left above in this restored historic building.





And spent the night camped out at the official viewing area for Marfa’s Mystery Lights. Although we tried our best, we did not see them…



Many hours were spent on roads like this while random sights such as the following broke up the monotony.








I could spend a month photographing the roadside treasures in far western region of Texas.

We spent one brief night in Guadalupe Mountain National Park. Unfortunately, windy conditions kept us from getting a good night’s sleep and predictions of even heavier (damaging) gusts provoked a sunrise departure. Driving down the notorious pass was a bit dicey, but once we got back into the high desert plains there was virtually no breeze to speak of and we both breathed a sigh of relief.


A genuine Mexican lunch including Carne Asada and Carnitas was provided by La Salsa Restaurant in El Paso.


We are now camped along the shores of Caballo Lake near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (our 16th state!). And YES, the town did name itself after the popular 1950’s TV Show. We hope to visit their famous hot springs tomorrow before getting back on our westward track towards California for the holidays.


  1. Great roadside treasures, my favorite pics are the old Coca Cola sign and the yellow watertower against the blue sky. The pic of HaRVy against the mountains is exquisite.

  2. you’re Really out west now!

  3. Love it!! Great photos. Are the hot springs the kind you can soak in?

    • You betcha! Heading there now…

  4. Great pix–love some of the roadside attractions!

    • Me too! There were MANY more we didn’t stop for.

  5. Cool area……

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