Posted by: sunnyharvy | December 6, 2013

Frosty the Snowman

No, I’m not singing Christmas carols, that’s what it feels like this morning in Tucson, Arizona. It could be worse though, our low last night was just below freezing while many other areas had single digit temperatures and freezing rain or sleet. The sun is out and our forecast calls for a high in the mid-50’s today…hurray!

Here’s a photo of what you DON’T want to see through haRVy’s skylight in the morning.


We do have something else to celebrate too, as we have now entered Trader Joe’s territory! We are going there later today to stock up on lots of delicious real food!


  1. Oh BRRR, it’s not much warmer here in So Cal this week, although the weekend may warm up with a little rain tomorrow. Not much longer until we get to greet you both with some nice warm hugs!

  2. Pick me up a jar of TJ’s 21 gun salute seasoning…..or is it 7 gun….whatever it is their basic spice bottle…………I really miss Trader Joe’s……..

    • There’s one not too far from Kim’s.

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  3. Hi there you two. So glad the lockout is finally fixed. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. The Giraffe has been to so many of the places you’ve visited. Nice memories. A friend in Tucson spent a day last week wrapping her cacti in blankets to save their lives. Sending you WARM wishes ! Onward to CA. Enjoy !

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