Posted by: sunnyharvy | January 12, 2014

Joshua Tree National Park



We spent the past several days hiking the trails in beautiful Joshua Tree National Park. The weather could not have been better with warm sunshine and cool breezes. We have both visited this park before, but this time we had plenty of time to explore several different areas. We spent the first night at White Tank Campground with a beautiful sunset view and a nice hike to arch rock nearby.


The rock formations at Joshua Tree are absolutely spectacular, many taking on familiar shapes. Some reminded me of breaching whales. What do you see?



We hiked the trails of Split Rock, Skull Rock, Barker Dam and Black Rock Canyon. We returned to our home base in Indio tired yet refreshed after so much time in the natural world away from Internet access and road traffic.




Can you see the rock climber?


Prior to our trip to Joshua Tree, we spent the afternoon of New Year’s Day exploring the Coachella Valley Preserve with our friend MaryEllen.



  1. So beautiful!! One of those rocks looked like an alien skull with eye and nose sockets….. Definitely saw the whales in there too.

  2. Love Joshua Tree. It was cold when we were there, so glad you had good weather.

  3. What perfect timing for you 2 to be in California. Glad you are well and taking such gorgeous photos. I also saw an alien skull . Was the rockclimber in the butt crack on that rock? Stayed at a hotel with an oasis a few miles from one of the entrances, in 2000. Indians used the oasis, now supporting an organic garden. Fabulous dinner restaurant. Glad you are not int the freezing weather.

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