Posted by: sunnyharvy | March 17, 2014

Death Valley Days: 3


Headed up the valley to take a guided historic tour of Scotty’s Castle. I guess I wasn’t expecting much because it was a LOT more interesting than I thought it would be. The tour guide dressed in period (1939) costume and ours acted as a young newspaper reporter collecting facts for an article. Ranger Kate was absolutely terrific and brought the story to life as we toured this most unusual (and unexpected) mansion in the desert.






Then it was off to nearby Ubehebe Crater.


Day three concluded at remote Mesquite Spring campground further north in the park. We checked in using our credit card in the”Iron Ranger” shown below. There is no cell coverage and no Internet out here, so I was compelled to ask the camp host how this machine can process credit cards. Via transmissions to Federal Government satellites of course! 


We enjoyed a brilliant quiet evening here.




  1. We also went with mix feelings to Scotty’s Castle. It was a freezing cold day, so we were in a why not mood. Like you loved it. We did two different tours, both guides great!

    Keep having fun. We ended up in Death Valley 3-4 weeks. Will send Keith’s missives from there.

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