Posted by: sunnyharvy | March 17, 2014

Death Valley Days: 5


I started this day with a walk in the desert adjacent to the campground at Stove Pipe Wells. The tracking skills learned in the previous night’s program came in handy as I spotted tracks made by coyotes, kangaroo rats, and rabbits. On our way out, we couldn’t resist taking one more look (and a few more photos of course) at the sand dunes under very different light conditions.



Fewer people climb the dunes in the morning.

After driving down yet another dirt road, we walked the boardwalk trail around Salt Creek to view the endemic Salt Creek Pup Fish. They were quite interesting to watch, but at just an inch in length impossible to photograph. Al did get some video footage, so you could check back to see how that came out.


After lunch out at Furnace Creek Ranch we reluctantly drove out of Death Valley having had a tremendous experience there. We stopped for smoothies at the cafe in Amargosa where we also had a quick tour at the T and T Railroad Museum. We headed for that evening’s campsite at the Sanders Family Winery, another hospitable Harvest Host in Pahrump, Nevada (our 19th state!). Owner Jack Sanders treated us to a delicious and entertaining wine tasting before we settled in for delivered pizza and a good night’s sleep.


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