Posted by: sunnyharvy | May 4, 2014


We took a wrong turn on our way to Taos, New Mexico from Ojo Caliente and when we went to turn around, we unexpectedly came upon this amazing place…





We arrived too late for a guided tour, but we picked up a brochure that explains “Earthship.” It states, “The Greater World Community is the world’s largest self-sufficient residential development, comprised of 650 acres, 347 of which are commonly owned park land. Building sites and completed homes are available for purchase.” Earthship biotecture uses natural and recycled building materials, solar/thermal heating and cooling, solar and wind electric power, water harvesting, contained sewage treatment, and onsite food production.

Our next surprise was this bridge over the Rio Grande River Gorge next door to which was a very pleasant rest area. Since it is legal to camp overnight (free) in rest areas in New Mexico, we decided to do just that here. It turned out to be a rather pleasant experience.




Before dinner we enjoyed a raspberry-pineapple smoothie prepared in Emma, the Bus Stop Ice Cream and Coffee Shop, that was parked nearby.

The following day and a  half were spent taking in the pleasures of Taos and camping in a quiet canyon nearby.



 This and the following photo show a bit of what’s on display inside the historic El Rincon Trading Post.



 Most of the exterior doors and window frames in New Mexico are painted blue to keep out evil spirits.



TaosFrankArtist0154This is Frank, a Native American Indian resident of the Taos Pueblo, from whom Al purchased two tiny paintings for haRVy. Finding art small enough to display in our gypsy wagon remains a fun quest.

After our time in Taos we headed northward towards southern Colorado and the 4-Corners area. This route took us through Georgia O’Keefe’s beloved countryside around Ghost Ranch, where she resided for over 40 years. It’s easy to see how the landscape might have inspired her art.




GhostRanchArea0185The ever changing cloud formations in the Southwest continue to fascinate me.



  1. Thanks ~ it’s so wonderful to hear about ‘Earthship’

    We all need to hear more of the good that is happening on the Earth.

    Love you, Marlene

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