Posted by: sunnyharvy | June 1, 2014

No Pain in Panguitch

We went to Panguitch, Utah to have some maintenance work done on haRVy. That got completed efficiently on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. Rather than fight the holiday crowds at Bryce or Zion, we decided to stay in this friendly small town.


This shop offered vintage cowboy boots, hats, spurs, and more.


The annual Western Round-Up included a town-wide yard sale.
I got a pedicure and hair cut at Rumours Salon and we both enjoyed delicious blueberry muffins from Little L’s Bakery.


“Red Hot Antiques” are offered at the old firehouse.


Shady characters…


Lookin’ to rob the local bank…


Trying to make their getaway…


Getting their just rewards.
This mock bank robbery was part of the Round-Up as well as a Little Britches Rodeo that we also attended.


Our campground wasn’t too great, but the price was right and the surrounding scenery pretty nice.




Some things you just gotta do yourself. Here Al is changing the oil in haRVy’s generator at the campground.


We spent a couple of afternoons here at the GEM for delicious lunches, house-made ice cream, Internet access, and a viewing of the movie War Horse, which was part of their Memorial Film Festival of war movies.



A couple more colorful locals.



If you have any antlers you’ve been trying to sell, you now know where to go!


  1. I have lots of antlers I was going to sell on Craig’s list!! Shall I just send them to you then? 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Please write up any lessons learned from the generator oil change. I need to do ours but have not started.

    Ie what oil did you replace with? How hard to drain? Where is fill port?

    Thanks in advance.

    David G

    David Galson, PE, EMT

    Phone: 530-426-5310



    • David – No idea if you have the same generator as we do, but Al promises to send you a write-up about what he did. Ours was a new replacement and the manual said to replace oil after a certain break-in period.

  3. You found your “funky” !!! Looks like fun……..

  4. still having fun I see. Ocean is getting nice here. Just saying

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