Posted by: sunnyharvy | June 17, 2014

Here, There and Everywhere (without Internet Access)

We haven’t had reliable Internet access for over a week, so I’ve got some catching up to do here. Hope it’s not too overwhelming for my followers.

At Panguitch Lake, Utah we snagged a campsite with an expansive view and then headed out to explore the area. In what appeared to be the original settlement area, I came across this old homestead.





Back at the campground we enjoyed some leisure time, hiked around a bit, and had a lively conversation with the extremely friendly and helpful camp host couple.


Soon after embarking on Scenic Route 12, which begins just east of Panguitch, we entered Red Canyon, where we camped for one night. To promote tourism in the 1920’s engineers carved tunnels through the rock so cars could drive through on the way to Bryce. We hiked up the Tunnel Trail to get a good look at them as well as some of the other outstanding rock formations.






Then we were off to Bryce Canyon where the extravagantly eroded hillside at the edge of the high Paunsaugunt Plateau presents thousands of delicate pinnacles in beautiful shades of orange, pink and white. I thought I would be tired of looking at a bunch of rocks by now, but the geologic variety has kept things interesting. Hope you agree…

After viewing the informative video at the Visitor Center we boarded the Shuttle Bus for a ride to Bryce Point.


Almost unbelievable, right?





Bryce 1 - Bryce Pt - 2La

Above panoramic by Al – click to see larger.

Back on the shuttle to Inspiration Point and then a hike along the rim of the amphitheater (Bryce is technically not a canyon) to our site at Sunset Campground.



Bryce 5 - Inspiration Pt -L2

Above panoramic by Al – click to see larger.



  1. I recognize that tree!

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  2. I am catching up on your posts today. Photos are incredible!!

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