Posted by: sunnyharvy | June 17, 2014

Waterfall Hikes… in the Desert?

Route 12 continued to deliver delights. Shortly after leaving the primary area of Bryce, we stopped to hike the Mossy Cave Trail. Besides leading to a damp cave, this short, easy trail highlights the only waterfall in the area that runs all year. It is fed by seeps and augmented by a 10-mile canal hand dug by Mormons that settled here around 1890.





A couple of days later, while camped at Calf Creek, we had the opportunity to hike to another, taller waterfall. This hike took considerably more effort since it was three miles in each direction over soft sand and under hot sun. We packed lunch and plenty of water.




Lots of wildflowers along the path


Finally a glimpse…


Getting closer…


Lovely, isn’t it?


Getting silly on the hike back to camp.

Calf Creek 3 -2

Panoramic of Calf Creek.



  1. Oh my!! How beautiful……real waterfalls…in Utah!! I never dreamed, but will add to my bucket list!! Found your blog via a post you left on the Mobile Codgers blog…glad I found you!

  2. Pretty area……….

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