Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 1, 2014

You Gotta Have Friends


After a relaxing week with gracious hosts Wendi and Rod (thank you so much!) in Highlands Ranch, Colorado (photo above), we drove up the road about 30 minutes to Lakewood for dinner with an old roommate friend of mine, Dawnetta, whom I hadn’t seen in at least 35 years. We had such a good time that Dawn invited us to share her campsite the following weekend. (More on that later)

Next we headed into “The Highlands” neighborhood of Denver where we camped out in Cheryl and Keith’s comfy backyard. We met them two years ago in New Brunswick, Canada while they were on a one-year road trip. At the time that seemed so exciting to us, while now we have nearly reached that milestone ourselves.


This time our hosts were not even home for the first few days of our visit, but they were very generous in letting us camp in their driveway and avail ourselves of the shower and laundry facilities. They even have an electrical connection next to the shaded picnic table on the patio, so I set up my office there.

On a bike ride around their charming neighborhood I came upon a vintage amusement park with a wooden roller coaster built in 1940.


Didn’t get to see this tower lit up at night, but I was told that many of the lights don’t work anymore.


Can you believe they still charge just $3 admission?

One beautiful warm summer evening during our visit, Cheryl and Keith took us on a tour of downtown Denver where the newly renovated Union Station was preparing for a grand re-opening.




Thank you both for your warm hospitality. It was great to see you again and get to know you a little better. I sincerely hope our paths cross again some day.

On Friday it was time to drive to West Chicago Creek Campground near Mt. Evans to meet up again with Dawnetta who generously shared the campsite she reserved for the weekend back in January. The weather was not ideal during our stay, but we did manage to get a couple of hours hiking in before the thunderstorms began.





Saturday evening Dawnetta, who is a seasoned tent camper, baked a delicious peach cobbler over hot coals in her dutch oven for my birthday cake.


That’s my birthday cobbler cooking in the pot next to the fire as Dawnetta uses haRVy’s umbrella to stay dry.


Al cleaning up a bit for me. He’s so much more kissable after he shaves.


Three happy campers

We had a wonderful time camping with you, Dawnetta. Thank you so much for thinking to include us in your plans.

Life is so much more fulfilling when it can be shared with good friends. Visiting with friends and family as we traverse the country has certainly enriched our experience. Anyone else out there want us to stop by? 😉




  1. I am so jealous,It is wonderful to see you all together.Sending big hugs and and belated Birthday wishes. Dawnetta and a Dutch oven peach cobbler for your birthday, how devine.
    I look forward to your visit. I will keep track of your travels so I can make sure that our paths will cross.Our summer weather has been beautiful. We are seeing a lot of folks from the interior seeking refuge from the heat.

  2. Even with the rain and chill, for me it was the best weekend ever! So many years of FaceBook glimpses and then, here you were, right on my doorstep. And there could not have been a better way to catch up on our lives and reminisce about old times (for me that is) than in a mountain setting. Was a delight to finally get to meet Al – he has promised me several “creative” Jack Tales next time we meet (and I shall not forget, so start practicing, Al).
    Luv, D.

  3. yeah, we do! in November if not sooner 😉

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