Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 17, 2014

Les Trois Tetons

Due to a lack of internet connections, it’s been awhile since I last posted. We’ve seen and done a LOT since then, so I’ve got some catching up to do.


This is all we saw of the famed peaks the day we arrived in Grand Teton National Park. Fortunately, the weather improved during our five day stay and the magnitude of their magnificence was revealed.

Did you know? Soon after the Lewis and Clark Expedition came across the Teton Range in 1807, the region began attracting French-Canadian fur trappers who sought beaver pelts to make hats. To their eyes three of the range’s peaks resembled the feminine physique, so the trappers called the trio “les trois tetons,” which translates to “the three breasts.” Eventually, the mountains came to be known as the Grand Tetons, French for “big breasts.”



 This is the classic poster shot for the Grand Tetons. It took me a while to find the spot overlooking the Snake River.


While riding our bikes along the trail at the base of the mountains we got a good look at the beautiful elk in the following photo.



While touring the Menor Ferry Historic District within the park, I clicked a photo of this mighty bull moose relaxing outside a barn full of old farm equipment.


In a suburban-like neighborhood just outside of the park, the teenager below was resting in front of a house while her mother grazed nearby. 


While we did not actually see any beaver, there was plenty of evidence that they are thriving along this river.




We also saw a coyote running down the road with some sort of rodent in his mouth, but he was too quick for me to photograph.

Speaking of wildlife… we had a rousing good time at Bar J’s Chuckwagon in Jackson Hole. We’d been told by several fellow travelers over the past few months that Bar J’s has a standing joke in their dinner show about how nobody from Rhode Island has ever eaten at their 30+ year old establishment. We just had to spoil the joke, which was fun! Now we need to send them a state flag to hang from the rafters. The food was tasty and the show, put on by the Bar J Wranglers, surprisingly professional. They are all excellent musicians as well as very funny men.


Back to those grand mountains, which we never got tired of looking at or photographing. The variations of light, clouds, and shadows seemed endless.



Here are a few of Al’s panoramics. Remember to click on each to see larger.

Tetons 6 - All5

Tetons 4 - All4

Tetons 2

And our last look at the Tetons from the shore of Jackson Lake…



  1. Hi you guys . Where did you stay in Jackson?

    • Gros Ventre Campground at the south end of the park.

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