Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 23, 2014

Livingston, Montana… I Presume

Shortly after leaving Yellowstone National Park via the North Entrance, we came into the town of Livingston, Montana, which we found quite interesting. Everything except eating establishments, a historic hotel, the railroad museum, and one art gallery were closed on the Sunday afternoon of our arrival, but the town pride could still be felt in the restored main street businesses, tidy parks, and well kept homes.


 I can’t resist taking photos of good signs.


Love it when old neon gets repurposed.


The century-old Murray Hotel boasts being an authentic Western Hotel (not sure that applies to the neon) with modern amenities. We toured the beautiful lobby (sorry didn’t take photos) where many historical artifacts are displayed.


Doctor Livingston?
Note how neatly he arranged his things on the coffee table.



Businesses seemed to be doing well – no chain stores on this Main Street.



Our Mi-Fi hooked into an excellent Internet connection in Livingston, which we had been lacking for several days, so we spent the afternoon at beautiful Sacajawea Park getting caught up with email, blog posts, banking and other online business. We felt so comfortable (and found no signs outlawing overnight parking) that we decided to stealthily camp there. It proved to be a good choice, as it was very quiet and nobody bothered us until the 6:30 AM soccer practice the next morning.


Somebody should buy this abandoned Art Deco gem and turn it into a home.

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