Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 9, 2014

A Bit More Alberta

We spent a few more days north of the border before crossing back into the USA. Highlights included driving over scenic Crowsnest Pass and viewing the Frank Slide, the deadliest rockslide in Canadian history. Plus, in Sparwood…




One of our favorite things about this trip is coming upon interesting small towns. We drove into Fernie, Alberta and quickly found a beautiful riverside parking spot. From there we walked the river trail and into the historic downtown area where we toured a few galleries and stopped for tacos and peach pizza for dessert at NEVADOS. We did not find any “no overnight parking” signs back at the van, so we decided to stay the night.


Lots of fun and friendly young folks in Fernie, including lots of Australians for some reason. The town’s ski resort might have something to do with that draw, but I’m not really sure.


There’s something about living “above the store” that appeals to me.



River we camped next to, just two blocks from historic downtown Fernie.


Yes, that is measurable snow in early September!


After a foggy walk the next morning, we spent some time online at Big Bang Bagels. Later we had smoothies and wraps at The Lunch Box. It was exhilarating to see so many small locally-owned businesses thriving, but it was time to head back over the border into the good ol’ USA.


  1. Looks like a ‘Phil’ kind of town. That “living above a store” feeling must be hereditary, Mom always wanted to have a little store and home in Santa Maria, and Phil and I almost bought one in Jamestown, Co. (the town that got so flooded out last winter above Boulder).

  2. My ex-husband and I had dreams of owning an organic produce store and living above it. What a beautiful area.

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