Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 21, 2014

Autumn Coming Soon

We’ve had a very pleasant stay at Janet’s house in Twisp, Washington in the Methow Valley over the past week and a half. The weather has been superb (once we got through the first night that got below freezing) and Janet a congenial host. It has felt much like summer with high temps in the 70’s and 80’s, but the leaves are starting to turn and the forecast calls for rain, so Autumn will undoubtedly arrive soon.


Janet’s house, on which she did much of the construction work herself.


Al earning his keep by helping mow the lawn.


Janet’s garden. Flowers and vegetables near the house and a fruit orchard out back.


Janet and I among her beautiful zinnias.



The Methow Valley is full of interesting folks, a few of whom we’ve gotten to know a bit through Janet and by visiting some of the local businesses. We enjoyed smoothies at the health food store, delicious produce from the weekly farmer’s market, lunch on freshly baked bread at the historic Mazama Store, the Fall Follies show at the Community Center, a nice afternoon bike ride on the Community Trail and more.


Great health food store (first I’ve seen with a wine cellar) and bakery in Twisp.






We also visited the town of Winthrop, which has created an old-west feeling in their downtown area with false front buildings and wooden boardwalks.





We reluctantly leave tomorrow to head westward over the Cascade Mountains.


  1. I love that picture of you and Janet!!!

  2. what a beautiful spot Janet lives in. I love the photo of Janet and Sunny

  3. Janet’s place looks wonderful ! You are lucky to have such welcoming friends………

    • Yes I am!

    • Yes I am! Happy to reciprocate at any time too.

  4. I join the “Love That Janet & Sunny Photo” club! Al mowing the lawn comes in as a strong second.

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