Posted by: sunnyharvy | February 28, 2015

Just North of the Golden Gate

Before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge for the next leg of our journey, we spent a day exploring the areas just north of the crossing. Fort Baker is practically under the bridge on the inland side and the Marin Headlands rise above it to the west. Both areas are part of the recently established Golden Gate National Parks. Decades ago, when it was still an active army post, I was lucky enough to stay at Fort Baker because a friend of mine’s father was stationed there. Though many changes have occurred since then, the National Park Service has managed to save the historic property from development.




The view from Fort Baker without those distracting heads in the way…


I had never seen Eucalyptus in bloom before.


And that bark is so beautiful.


The lagoon at Rodeo Beach in the Marin Headlands


Rodeo Beach




The headlands after which the park is named.


What a great place this must have been to serve in World War II.



Near Point Bonita Light, which we could not get to as tunnel shown below was locked up tight.




  1. gorgeous photos. I love the eucalyptus and bark

  2. you’re wearing sweatshirts! it must be cold!

    • We live in our hoodies! Might have to bronze mine when I finally wear it out. Temps have hovered in the sunny sixties for past several weeks… No complaining here.

  3. At least the bridge never really changes………I miss eucalyptus and oak trees…

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