Posted by: sunnyharvy | May 20, 2015

Off to Canada!

Before saying good bye and THANK YOU to Janet here in Twisp, WA (see previous post) we had a few more fun outings.


 Al and I took a hike to the top of Falls Creek Falls north of Winthrop. Lots of flow this time of year as the snow above melts fast.


After our hike we perused some of the shops in Winthrop, ate lunch at Duck Brand, and savored homemade ice cream at Sheri’s.


A roadside free library.

Janet and I spent Saturday morning walking about in Twisp. Beginning with breakfast at the Glover Street Market, tours of two local art galleries, and a visit to the farmers market.

On Sunday I launched my kayak into the beaver pond on Janet’s property.


Janet’s handsome house (which she designed and did a lot of the work on) from the far side of the pond.


Janet having a look around in my little boat.

Monday night we took Janet out to celebrate her upcoming birthday at Tappi. What a delightful surprise! To find such tastefully prepared food in the humble town of Twisp was pure pleasure. Janet’s description of the cuscino pillow bread seemed a bit over the top, but it was every bit as good as expectations.


The beavers around here are certainly busy. Apparently no tree is too big for them to tackle.


Far end of the beaver pond.


Every girl needs to have an old tractor around.


One last look at the pond and beautiful sky from Janet’s porch before we leave.

Today we are set to leave, albeit a bit reluctantly. We thoroughly enjoyed our extended stay in this unique valley. Now we are OFF TO CANADA and beyond for the summer!


  1. Such a beautiful place. Love all the water. Sounds like you two are having a wonderful time! Cool.

  2. what a great friend you have in Janet!! Here’s to Canada! xo

  3. Wish we were headed north with you. We’ll be home on Whidbey in a couple of weeks. Sticking around, we think, for the summer. Whidbey Island can’t be beat for summer weather, plus we’re missing family and friends. We’ve been in Devil’s Canyon, Oregon/Idaho, and loving it for the past few days. Neither of us had been here before. How did we miss this amazing spot?

    Safe and happy travels,


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  4. What a nice life Janet has…..beautiful place.

  5. We’ll be following your Canada/Alaska blogs with interest. Hear so much about the drive to Alaska, can’t wait to hear from someone who really knows how to travel.


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