Posted by: sunnyharvy | June 9, 2015

Canadian Rocky Mountain High

Internet access has not been available when I’ve had time to blog, so I’ll have to do some catching up here. We have seen and done a lot since my last posting. After our paddle excursion we proceeded to the town of Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia where our muscles really appreciated the hot springs pool. The village’s unofficial mascots are members of a resident herd of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.


Caught this one ambling down the sidewalk. Not too attractive at this time of year as they molt their winter fur.


Not sure why I found this sign amusing, but I did.


Free overnight camping spot on Lillian Lake. We had this scene all to ourselves. Around sunset I watched an osprey dive to catch a fish. Then a bald eagle came of nowhere to try and snag it. They both lost out as the fish was dropped back into the lake.


One last look at the Columbia River Wetlands, the longest continuous wetlands in North America.


HaRVy entering Kootenay National Parknoted for its diversity of landscapes, ecology and climate.


Our first views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.



We took a nice hike to the Paint Pots.


The Paint Pots and the associated ochre beds form an area of unusual physical and chemical activity and have a history of use by both Aboriginal groups and Europeans.


Another hike took us into Marble Canyon.


Turquoise, glacial waters and startling canyon walls grow ever more impressive along this short trail. Multiple bridges span the narrow gorge, crossing several times for views of the river below. The surrounding landscape has been shaped by fire, erosion, and mountain-building.



Late that same afternoon we entered Banff National ParkCanada’s oldest national park, established in 1885. After checking into the campground at Johnston Canyon we too yet another hike up the canyon before returning to our campsite totally exhausted.

Johnston Canyon Falls 2Cropped

Johnston Canyon. Can you believe this place?

Johnston Canyon Falls 4

Al and I are extremely grateful to all the people who have made these incredible places accessible to normal folks like us. The catwalks built along the canyon walls allowed us to hike right next to multiple tumultuous falls. Thank you so much!




  1. Glorious water everywhere! Sure could use some down here in So Cal…

  2. Really enjoying your posts. Thanks for keeping us on your list. Great words and photos. If and when we get to take another long trip we’ll be visiting some of these places.

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  3. wow!wow!wow!

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