Posted by: sunnyharvy | June 9, 2015


When I hear the name of Yoho National Park, I immediately hear the song from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, but that is SO wrong! Yoho is a Cree expression of awe and wonder. Here in the shadow of the Great Divide are the secrets of ancient ocean life, the power of ice and water, and the stories of plants and animals that continue to evolve today.


Many years ago I took the train across Canada. I remember going through the spiral tunnels and watching the tail end of the train enter the tunnel as our end, the beginning, was coming out the other. Al and I got to watch a freight train do the same thing from the Spiral Tunnels viewing area along the highway.

YohoNP0534 YohoNP0535


Emerald Lake





Natural Bridge



View from our site at Kicking Horse Campground.


Morning view from bed in opposite direction.


  1. Yoho! You guys be having way too much fun. Enjoy, enjoy!


  2. o man, those water photos – gorgeous!

  3. When I rafted Colorado’s Yampa-Green Rivers in the Bicentennial Year, one of our river guides speculated that as the ice and water erodes pebbles away from the mountains, their height increases as the weight of the mountains decreases and allows more upward pressure. Our lifetimes are but a nano-second to the mountains.

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