Posted by: sunnyharvy | June 13, 2015

Jasper is Just Right


Took this photo from haRVy as we passed by Medicine Lake. Adorable, eh?

We found Banff a bit too big and busy and Lake Louise too small and ordinary, but Jasper, Alberta felt just right!

This laid-back little town is just off the main highway, so loud trucks aren’t constantly barreling down Main Street. We have found that a great detraction in several towns that would otherwise be fun to visit. A pleasant, albeit huge, wooded campground is within easy biking distance. A couple decent grocery stores, health food store, gleaming laundromat with Wi-Fi, very helpful visitor center, and several nice reasonably priced eating establishments all served our needs well.

Fantastic weather made our outings in the area most enjoyable. A beautiful 44 km drive brought us to Maligne Lake where we boarded a boat for a tour out to Spirit Island and back. The crew said we picked the most beautiful day of the season so far.







Spirit Island






We did a bit of hiking around the lake after the boat tour and before taking off for a hike up and down the trails in Maligne Canyon. There we viewed multiple amazing waterfalls and deep canyon views.




We also visited the idyllic Jasper Park Lodge where I took the photo below from lounge chairs on the shore. The feeling here is extremely peaceful and relaxing. We vowed to return someday when we are much older and happy to just sit around in the beautiful setting. If we can afford it, we will do a “Grand Lodge Tour” of the Pacific Northwest.



  1. I am quite taken by these places they are finding in Canada. It is how I’ve always pictured heaven

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  2. Wow, good to know about Jasper as we always hear about Banff and Lake Louise. Do you have bear spray in case you had an encounter outside of HaRVy? As always your photos are extraordinary.

  3. Just beautiful!

  4. Great photos and narrative! Thanks for sharing.

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  5. such beautiful water! the first time I’ve seen turquoise water outside the Caribbean. Count us in on the Pacific Northwest Grand Lodge tour!

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