Posted by: sunnyharvy | July 7, 2015

Yukon to British Columbia to Alaska in One Day


Six Mile River Resort in Tagish, Yukon

There is a lot of catching up to do here, sorry. I sincerely hope you don’t get overwhelmed as I need to compose and publish several posts to bring the blog up to date. Internet connectivity in Canada is difficult for American travelers. Today we are in Tok, Alaska where our trusty MiFi is reliably connecting us again…hurray! Tok prides itself in being “The coldest inhabited community in North America.” Average temperatures here range from -85 to +96 degrees Fahrenheit! Today it is a wonderfully mild 76 under partly cloudy skies.

Unless you’ve traveled here or decide to check a map, it will be difficult to understand how or why we could drive in two Canadian provinces and Alaska in one day only to return through the same a few days later. Hope you enjoy the ride!

We took an afternoon side trip from Carcross, Yukon to Tagish. There didn’t seem to be anything of much interest until Al caught a glimpse of this line-up of vintage outboard motors over some hedges.


We entered a driveway to find the surprisingly delightful Six Mile River Resort. The photo at the top of this post shows their river front location. They have a small area for RV camping, a few cabins, what looks t be an excellent Slow Cooking restaurant (unfortunately we were not hungry), and amazing collections of stuff. We found the place enchanting and hope to return there to stay and dine someday.



I don’t believe this is one of the guest cabins, they appeared much more modern.



The next day we were back on the Klondike Highway heading south towards Skagway Alaska. The drive took us through the British Columbia – Yukon border before crossing into Alaska. Here are some of the sights we enjoyed along the way.


Just a reminder that this is a road trip… a very LONG one at that! 27,000 miles so far.


Pitchfork Falls with historic White Pass & Yukon Railway train crossing over (very lucky timing).


Bove Island


Bridal Veil Falls.




Lake near White Pass Summit


Seen on a roadside display panel. Unfortunately, the hike to see what’s left of the Gold Rush town of Lindeman is too much for us to tackle. Wonder who the town and lake were named after.



Back in the USA… a short visit for now. More later.

Almost forgot to mention that we had an exciting wildlife sighting on this leg of the trip. A bobcat was taking a leisurely stroll right next to the highway. What a beautiful beast! Decided seeing it was more important than trying to get out the camera to take a shot. Maybe next time.



  1. Lots of collections at that resort! Carry on…

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