Posted by: sunnyharvy | July 8, 2015

Haines, Alaska and Return to Yukon


Chilkoot River

Upon departure at the ferry dock we turned right towards the Chilkoot River and Chilkoot Lake rather than heading into town. The scenery, as shown above and below, did not disappoint. Later in the season, when the salmon are running, there are reportedly many bears fishing at this location. We observed only a couple of fisher-people and some crafty bald eagles that liked to steal the fish they caught.


Keeping a close eye on things.


Our lakeside campsite –  just $12 a night. Beautiful celadon colored water.

Chilkoot Lake crp3

Afternoon at Chilkoot Lake


Sunset begins at approximately 9:30…


and continues until after 11:30. We are slowly getting used to it never getting dark at night.


Al being silly at the American Bald Eagle Foundation natural history museum. We got an up close look at some captive eagles here that are unfit to be released back into the wild.


View from our Haines harborside boondocking spot.

Haines, Alaska is in a beautiful setting surrounded by snow capped peaks and deep ocean inlets. We found the local very helpful and friendly and enjoyed a delicious lunch at the local health food store, Mountain Market, whose tagline you just gotta love: “food for life, coffee to die for.” Another of their slogans is “Keeping Haines Hip and Health.” It was apparent that their clever marketing and tasty offerings are working for them as it was a busy place full of interesting folks.

We took advantage of the traveler-friendly laundromat with hot showers, received our forwarded mail at the Post Office, and Al got a good Chiropractic adjustment.


Haines even has a Hammer Museum. Bet you’ve never seen one of those before! “Dedicated to preserving the history of man’s first tool, the hammer.”

There’s only one road out, so we headed north on the Haines Highway, back into British Columbia briefly and Yukon by day’s end.


Glacier ahead – lots of them around here!


Don’t think I’ll sign up for any of this guy’s tours.


Uh oh, the dreaded orange signs mean trouble ahead.


Road construction can only occur here in the summer, so you have to expect it, but that doesn’t mean it is enjoyable to traverse.


Woman driver – you go girl!


Nap time after a good day’s drive.


Beautiful Kathleen Lake in Kluane National Park.


Parks Canada places a pair of red Adirondack chairs at the end of select trails. Always fun to find.


View from the chairs.


Evening program around the campfire.


  1. wow~ love those red chairs. That is a beautiful photo of a bald eagle. And the celadon lake

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