Posted by: sunnyharvy | July 13, 2015

Huck’s Hobbit Homestead


Joy & Steve’s beautiful home of nearly 30 years on land they homesteaded in Slana, Alaska.

After a couple of days spent on logistics in unremarkable, but extremely RV friendly Tok, Alaska, we headed south down the Tok Cutoff highway. On the recommendation of a fellow Westy owner (thanks David), we found our way to an exceptionally unique vacation spot.


Turn right off the main road onto 4-mile road, right at the church, down the rough gravel road for a couple of miles, then right at the fork, over the small wooden bridge, and up the hill.


Even though we were not expected, Joy and Steve greeted us warmly upon arrival. They homesteaded the property 28 years ago during one of the last opportunities to do so in Alaska. Steve told us that approximately 400 people moved here during that time and only about 30 of the original homesteaders remain.


One of several ponds on Joy and Steve’s 85 acres.

Joy and Steve have flourished here. They were fascinating people to meet. I could have listened to their stories for days – raising three daughters here before electricity and running water were brought in, subsisting on trapping and hunting, building their own beautiful log home plus cabins for guests, running a hostel, crafting hats and other apparel from animal skins and pelts, growing an abundance of vegetables during their 19-hour summer days and subsequent canning. No slouches here.


One of the guest cabins.



The interior of the largest cabin.


I forgot to ask Joy if she made these beautiful mukluks, but I assume she did.


They have his and hers greenhouses. Here Steve works in his.


We spent hours watching the expansive ever-changing sky.


Steve’s trapping gear.



A bundle of caribou antlers.


Sign on the road out.

Don’t search for a Huck’s Hobbit Homestead website because there is none. Steve prides himself in never having touched a computer. They take bookings the old-fashioned way – by telephone or mail. We had a truly unique and quintessential Alaskan experience here. Probably should have stayed longer. Maybe we will return someday.

Almost forgot to include this final photo (below), which illustrates what life in Slana is all about. In case you’re wondering about the snow, I got this photo off the Internet. I did see the sign alongiside the road, but didn’t stop to read it.



  1. So, did you stay in one of the cabins and stretch out for a while?


    Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2015 18:01:30 +0000 To:

    • Nope. We are too comfortable in haRVy, believe it or not.

  2. What an experience at Huck’s Hobbit Homestead. Amazing how they use natural resources – although I don’t like the idea of trapping. It says a lot about the people who are in group of the 30 original homesteaders. The beauty is priceless.

    • Leslie – I’m generally not keen on trapping either, but he does it in the best manner possible and they do literally have to live off the land. Fur pelts and products made from them are one of their primary sources of income.

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