Posted by: sunnyharvy | July 22, 2015

In and Around Anchorage


Tucked between rows of trees along the Knik River in Palmer, Alaska.


Gusty dusty conditions prevailed for two full days…ugh.


It was much calmer at our next stop, just 25 miles down the road at Eklutna Lake Recreation Area in Chugach State Park.


Hiking the Albert Loop Trail at the Eagle River Nature Center.



In Anchorage we opted to stay at Fort Richardson Joint Base. As a retired DOD employee, Al has military base privileges, which has come in handy several times during this journey. This particular base is very conveniently located with three different campgrounds to choose from. We chose the most remote one, Otter Lake, which required a three-mile drive down a rough gravel road.


Have you ever seen a military base that looks like this?



Heading further south of Anchorage along the Turnagain Arm, our next stop was at Bird Creek State Campground.


“Combat Fishing” for silver salmon along Bird Creek. Crazy, eh?


Turnagain Arm

Moving on to Portage, we went to the Visitor Center to purchase tickets for a boat ride out on the lake to see Portage Glacier. Bad news – the boat had recently blown a head gasket and cruises were suspended awaiting parts being shipped from England. This got us looking for other options. It didn’t take long to find out about a great little hike to the toe Byron Glacier. We packed lunch and headed out on a trek through what felt like “Quintessential Alaska” territory.




Loving Alaska (especially when the sun shines)!


  1. Wow, loving Alaska – in and around Anchorage. And why exactly do they call it “combat fishing”?

    • I assume it is because they are so close together, as they would be in combat, so injuries often occur due to that close proximity.

  2. Just gorgeous. Looks like a place I could get used to.

  3. Alaska – just BIG RAW land. Dont’cha just love no billboards, no light pollution, no power lines, flannel shirts, sled dogs, as many airplanes as cars?

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