Posted by: sunnyharvy | July 23, 2015

Glacier Paddle and Hope

Whittier is at the end of the road, so we backtracked northward to Portage. When we got there we realized that the weather was perfect to paddle across the lake to the glacier. It wasn’t sunny, but the forecast was dry and calm, where it is most often windy. Since the tour boat was still broken (see previous post), this would be our only chance to see Portage Glacier up close.


Off we go!


Lots of waterfalls along the way.

Suspended silt from the glacier makes the water this milky blue color.



Paddling around icebergs was fun, especially when one nearby rolled over.


Portage Glacier. So called because it is on a portage route between Prince William Sound and Turnagain Arm.


Our next stop was a little off the beaten track at Hope, AKThe community is made up of log cabins, gold rush-era relics and 148 friendly residents. Shown above is the century old Seaview Cafe and Bar.


This 100+ year old residence is getting a new foundation bound to last another century.


One of the original “tiny houses” now in vogue.


The “World’s Greatest Gift Shop” wasn’t open, darn it. The bulletin board postings were interesting though.


For rent? Electricity is all hooked up!


Catch ’em and clean ’em right in the river! These are Humpy Salmon.


Barn and boat awaiting restoration.


Pop-up veggie stand we were very happy to see.


Artist Scott Sherritt’s Home and Art Gallery. We enjoyed perusing the top quality art on display as well as our exchange of sailing and RV travel stories.


“Come on, I gotta pee too.” Not sure why we both found this scene entertaining.


Tonight’s campsite is alongside Summit Lake.


  1. Adventure! Those kayaks have been so worth it!

  2. I just love my vicarious trip with you guys! Darn about not getting to go into the World’s Greatest Gift Shop. What would it be like to live in one of those tiny houses… cute! So cool you got to paddle to the glacier – much better than in the big boat. Would love to look in Scott’s art gallery/home. And look at the clouds in Summit Lake – the melding of the two is wondrous. Mosquitos? There has to be some downside to all of this!!

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