Posted by: sunnyharvy | October 5, 2015

100,000 Miles!


On Wednesday, September 23rd haRVy turned over 100,000 miles. As his second owners, we have put on about half of those miles, including approximately 35,000 on this trip alone! We look forward to 100,000 more!

While driving down the highway just two days later we heard a very loud BANG! It took us both a few seconds to realize that a truck heading in the opposite direction had kicked up a stone that then bounced off our windshield…ugh.


Up to this point we’d been feeling fortunate since most everyone who drives to Alaska expects this to occur due to the poor roads up there. We thought we’d made it through, since we were hundreds of miles south and traveling on a very nicely surfaced highway. Darn it! Everything seems to be holding OK, so we haven’t looked into getting it fixed yet.

Back to our travels. After spending a pleasant day touring around Smithers, which included a delicious healthy lunch from Two Sisters and some goodies from Schimmels Bakery, we were off to Burns Lake. Other than free camping at the municipal park next to the lake and a nice little health food store, I don’t have much to report about our stay.

We camped free for two more nights at another Municipal Park in Vanderhoof. This one was right next to a fairly scenic river and bird sanctuary.


Where are all the birds?


In Quesnel (pronounced Kwe-NEL), we walked across the “World’s Longest” wooden truss pedestrian bridge.


Pretty decent view, eh? From the camping site shown in photo below.


Bet you’d never guess this was a Walmart parking lot! Nice view and quiet too. Williams Lake has been voted our best Walmart stop ever.


Not only our favorite Walmart, but an incredible Visitor Center built by two local log cabin builders.




Fun display showing everything you need to enjoy the area!


And, at the Visitor Center in the town of 100 Mile House…


Why is it called 100 Mile House? See below.



  1. Love the blog!

    Make sure your windshield installer uses extra care not to scratch the frame around the glass, and is willing to take the extra time needed to repair any scratches or existing corrosion around the frame. It’s a job that really needs to be done indoors and over several days if repairs are needed.


  2. Wow re: your 100K and darn about the windshield. Amazing visitor center… what talent – to be greatly admired for years. It is amazing what you have seen!

  3. Returning from our Alaska trip unscathed, we had a rock crack the windshield on I-5, 30 miles from home! Make sure they don’t scratch the paint removing the windshield. We have rust issues from the previous owner changing the windshield.

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