Posted by: sunnyharvy | October 26, 2015

We’ve Landed!

At least it feels as if we’ve landed since we will now spend an entire month in ONE location, the home of a fellow Westy owner in Langley, Washington. We are house sitting for Fran and Ed while they travel to China for their son’s wedding.


Home for the next month. Tough duty, eh? Two small buildings connected by a bridge. Living on the left, sleeping and bathing on the right.

Al and I are both feeling a satisfying sense of accomplishment at the completion of our grand Alaskan adventure. We spent June traveling through beautiful British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon, mostly along the Alaskan Highway. During July and August we did our best to explore every nook and cranny (reportedly) reachable via a decent (some surprisingly not) road. Southward was our decided direction in September primarily along the Richardson and Cassiar highways to tour new areas in British Columbia and Alberta.

Before settling in at Langley, we did a bit more exploring around the area. We sat out a wet and windy storm in Bellingham with a Boondockers Welcome host. We also returned to another BW host location with an incredible view of Deception Pass. In Edison, which is not much more than an intersection, we came upon a little bit of heaven at Breadfarm.



This busy bakery makes the absolutely best whole wheat sourdough ever!


Somebody went to a lot of work to share this point of view.


In Mt. Vernon we spent a few days with my brother Tim and his wife Jackie.

While in Mt. Vernon haRVy received some much needed maintenance. He took quite a beating over the 8,000+/- miles driven this summer. To show our appreciation, we had a new windshield installed and had the upholstery and outside surfaces professionally cleaned.


Here’s haRVy (and Al) looking rejuvenated.


Fran and Ed’s departure looked uncertain for a bit…


but with backpacks on laps they got everything (and everyone) in the car and were off to the airport.


Benton didn’t look any too happy that afternoon, but we’re taking good care of him and he has cheered up considerably.

It feels a bit strange to be stationary, but we’re getting used to it. Inhabiting such an innovative small home in a lovely community is making it fairly easy and fun!


  1. Great to hear from you and glad you’re enjoying a month of hanging – what a gorgeous location!
    Best wishes to both you and Al, and Benton, who looks like a cutie ~ Lois

  2. Glad you get to relax in such a nice place for awhile! And Benton is so happy to have you. Glad you got to see your brother and his wife! You are quite the adventurers for sure! Hugs –

  3. The books alone would keep me happy….

  4. Leslie,

    Cannot believe that you and Al have been on the road for 2 years!!!

    Your home for the next month looks soooo coool………….Lucky you two.

    My absolute favorite of your recent blogs is the one about Glacier Gardens.

    Those uprooted and upside down trees are fabulous and so whimsical/magical.

    Thanks for sharing, Diane

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