Posted by: sunnyharvy | January 19, 2016

Anza Borrego Desert

Once the rain storms cleared out we headed out to the Anza Borrego Desert for a change of scenery. With abundant acreage to explore, hikes aplenty, starry skies, broad vistas, hot springs, and lots of FREE camping opportunities, this is now officially my favorite California State Park.


The most beautiful palm canyon I’ve ever seen…with flowing water!




Perfect 3-mile round trip hike up to canyon and back.


Nice desert color variations.


Breakfast view from free campsite at Yaqui Pass.


Hike from free campsite that climbed to a beautiful overlook.



LOTS of agave around here.


The late Dennis Avery (of Avery Labels) envisioned the idea of adding ‘free standing art’ to his extensive Borrego Springs property. He commissioned artist/welder Ricardo Breceda to create steel welded sculptures. There are now over 130 spread out across the land. It’s fun to hunt for them.


This 350-foot-long fanciful serpent is mighty impressive.


Lots of detail on this horse and gold panner.


Borrego sheep




And for something different, an indian head.


Farmers in the field.


Much larger than life grasshopper and scorpion.


  1. This place looks interesting….


  2. Where the heck in CA is this?! Reminds me a bit of Lone Pine and some places near/in Death Valley. Very cool. Especially like the tapir sculptures. Serious rattlesnake country there…be careful. (unless it is super cold, and then of course, no worries).

    • SoCal east of Oceanside.

  3. Oh, I so want to go! Wonderful, enticing photos.

  4. Sunny! Very cool with all that art. We were wondering what you were up to now!! I didn’t know about that state park.

  5. Love the serpent statue. And the baby animals. Hot springs!! I have yet to experience even one natural hot spring – time is awasting!!

  6. Way cool shots of the desert and it’s super-sized metal creatures. Thanks for taking me there. Love all the rock formations, and the rock critter biting off Al’s finger….Thanks. D

  7. Nice Photos LAL. Happy New Year.

    Considering your location I hope that you have the Sky View App to explore the universe above you.

  8. Glad you really liked A-B, it ranks right there at the top of our favorite list. We couldn’t get over how big it was and helps that it is surrounded by so much military land, giving even more of the “wide-open” feeling. You did the one thing we didn’t do and that was seeing all the desert sculptures, next time. Read an interesting article about the depletion of the aquifer under Borrego Springs. It is being depleted at the rate of 2 ft. a year. Of course, now trying to come up with a plan to balance agriculture, tourism and resident usage, residents being the least of the users.

    I’m volunteering at stock show and Keith has been at the cabin since January 7th, enjoying p&q and lots of snow. I go up the 1st.

    Where to next? If looking for ideas, I’ve a couple of suggestions, but I’m sure you’ve got a zillion of your own.

    Cheryl Sent from my iPad


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