Posted by: sunnyharvy | November 22, 2016

Fall Foliage, Southern Style

We had a very pleasant stay with Dexter and Nancy at their new home in the charming little town of Oriental, North Carolina. Nancy cooked us a few delicious meals while Dexter provided tours of the area by land and sea. We all went out to a couple of local restaurants and we had them over for dinner aboard haRVy. We also attended a play at the historic Old Theater where Nancy helped with the set decorations and Al had an interesting experience (more on that later).


Nancy wanted a waterfront home and she got it! This beautiful view is from the living/dining area.


Looking back at the yard and house from the dock.


Nancy and Dexter on their new boat.



Dexter multi-tasking.


Full moon rise over the river.


Back to theater story… Upon reviewing the cover of the playbill, Al immediately recognized the names of the directors as the couple who bought our old boat 12 years ago. We spoke with them after the performance and found out where the boat was docked. Dexter took us there the next day. That is “Blue Dragon” (formerly Isosceles) on the right in photo above. Prior to this incident, we had no idea where the boat was.


The working waterfront in Oriental.

Next we headed west across North Carolina to keep an appointment with Doktor A, the widely recognized Sprinter guru, in Central, South Carolina. Andy has helped Al with questions and problems out over the phone and via email many times. Now was his chance to get an expert’s opinion on haRVy’s mechanical health. (He passed with flying colors!)


On our way we spent a night next to this pond at another Westy owner’s home in Apex, NC. Thank you Mike and Therese, it was fun to meet you both. Hope to meet up again on the road someday.


New England apparently doesn’t hold an exclusive on beautiful fall foliage.


Short hike at Morrow Mountain State Park.


Cleaning up after dinner in haRVy’s great galley.


Lunch break at Lake Norman.


Doktor A doing a thorough inspection under haRVy’s hood.


While I take a nice long walk through the woods with his wife Barb.


Al gaining knowledge from the Doktor.


A thoughtful Doktor A after 3 hours of work. Thank you!


Heading back towards the coast via the Savannah River Scenic Byway we camped at Lake Hartwell.



Morning view from our pillows through the skylight.


This plantation home is somewhat of a relic from the past. This entire area used to be filled with prosperous cotton and tobacco growing plantations, but not so much anymore.


Lots of houses are very rundown or abandoned.



As are some of the churches.



I will leave you with this sunset over Lake Hartwell.


  1. Is Dexter part Hawaiian blood?


  2. Beautiful photos. Glad that haRVy is well. And I love the boat name of Isosceles! So appropriate.

  3. It’s so great to have you back on the road and sharing your travels! Wonderful photos.

  4. That is amazing you found Isoceles!! Shocking, but then when you are an adventurer, synchronicity abounds through openness. I always thought the Carolinas would be a beautiful place to live. Of all the places you have been with such beauty and charm – which would you move to in a heartbeat, if any, and of course, why. LOVE your photos. Happy Thanksgiving, friends! 🙂

    • I have seen a few places where I would like to spend more time, but nowhere I wish to stay forever. Really enjoy experiencing new places.

  5. So enjoy traveling with you two and also seeing the nice people that share with you. LOVE the waterfront properties and always your gorgeous photographs…Autumn in full color. Your old boat too! Be safe…. Diane

  6. Nice photos – so glad you were able to stop by our new home. Great to see you, stop back anytime!

  7. love the view of the sunset. And the foliage.

  8. […] We had another nice three-day visit with Nancy and Dexter in Oriental, NC. […]

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