Posted by: sunnyharvy | January 15, 2017

The Hidden Coast, Forgotten Coast, and Dead Lakes


Boardwalk hike at Manatee Springs State Park.


This hole is know as Catfish Hotel. Cavern divers enter here to explore over 5 miles of underwater caves.


Camping right on the Gulf at Horseshoe Beach all by ourselves. Maybe because the temperature dipped down to 28 degrees that night!


Nice view though. We spent hours watching a wide variety of birds come and go with the tide changes.


Part of the small local shrimp fleet.



Lunch time view in Steinhatchee.


This squirrel’s coat pattern is mostly white with a distinctive gray head patch and dorsal stripe, reportedly unique to Ochlockonee River State Park and surrounds. Cute, eh?


Bike ride around the scenic back roads in the park.


Post sunset sky over the river.


St. Joseph’s Peninsula State Park has a lovely bay on one side.


9 1/2 miles of white sand beach on the other.


And a lovely lagoon in-between.


Lovely sunsets over the water.


During our visit we were also treated to a full moon set after sunrise.


We biked to the end of the park road and them climbed over these dunes to a secluded section of the beach.


Who was under that blue umbrella?


Great beach combing (I only took photos).



Florida has MANY beautiful State Parks, but this one is our favorite so far. We might have stayed longer but the campground was fully booked over Martin Luther King holiday weekend.


Our wanderings took us a few miles inland to this boondocking spot on Deer Point Lake near Panama City.


Then we headed back in an easterly direction to check out the Dead Lakes.






  1. Beautiful sunsets & beaches! Cool white squirrel. Would have difficulty not picking up the starfish. Exploring underwater caverns would be cool. Love traveling via your photos!

  2. Wewahitchka! That section of Florida, between the coast and Georgia have great state parks and some wonderful land features. I think there is a rail trail up there somewhere and don’t forget White Springs on your way back south for miles and miles of off road trails and some more Swuwannee River to paddle. Caution-The last weekend of this month they are having their annual Ididaride, a 50 mile mountain bike ride that hosts hundreds of riders, town will be packed. Let us know when your headed back our way.

  3. So, what you’re telling us is that with 31 degreess outside this morning I can pretend that the white stuff on the ground is white sands of St, Francis! Gotta it! Love the blog, can’t wait to get there.

  4. Gawd, this looks and sounds great! We can’t wait to get down there. Inch by inch, I’m feeling better. Cheryl has only a few days of Stock Show left then we will concentrate on getting ready to leave.


  5. I’m afraid I would be like Lucy in The Long Long Trailer with those shells. Saw a show on the Catfish Hole – claustrophobic. If you get near a theater see Hidden Figures…..

  6. Such gorgeous photos! Who knew? Why are they called dead lakes?

    • We were not able to find out, but they did have a lot of dead tree stumps in them.

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