Posted by: sunnyharvy | February 18, 2017

Southwest Florida

During our ten days at Marcus’ apartment in Sarasota we enjoyed the pool and Jacuzzi at the complex, got caught up on logistics (mail, medical, laundry, etc.), rode our bikes, and soaked up sun on a few local beaches.


Seen on the bumper of a Prius.


Beach near Venice.


Bike path next to Intracoastal Waterway.


What Al was reading in photo above.


Historic Venice train depot next to Intracoastal Waterway.



Tom and Claudia drove down to Florida from Rhode Island to join family members here. We were pleased that they found time to spend an afternoon with us too!

We are now back on the road aboard haRVy. Our first stop was just an hour’s drive south at Punta Gorda where our gracious Boondockers Welcome host Pauline took us on a boat ride up the Peace River and a quick car tour around town.


Pauline at the helm.


Al navigating us around crab buoys and shallow areas.


Small beach on a remote island.


Bird Island. That pink spot in upper right corner is a Roseate Spoonbill.

From Pauline’s we drove to Fort Myers to visit the Edison & Ford Winter EstatesTouring twenty acres of historical buildings, gardens, the Edison Botanic research Lab and the Edison Ford Museum kept us interested for a full afternoon.

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford made an unprecedented impact on the small town of Fort Myers when both chose it as the location for their winter retreats.






Extensive tropical gardens are filled with exotic plants from around the world.



Thomas Edison’s study.


One of many lighting fixtures designed by Edison in Seminole Lodge.


Ford Model T pick-up truck.


The estates have expansive frontage on the Caloosahatchee River.


Those are some serious roots.


The botanical research laboratory where Edison sought a source of rubber that could be grown and produced quickly in the United States. After testing over 17,000 plant samples, he finally discovered a source in the plant goldenrod.


  1. Those are some serious roots! And when I saw the first photo of the ficus tree – I thought those looked like roots coming from the branches. Mother Nature – so amazing! Edison’s study is beautiful. He was amazing – sitting in the middle of the room going to a theta state slowed frequency to expand his mind and sense in ways other than usual cause-effect linear thinking.

  2. Rod doesn’t like to go south of Ormond but I know he’d love the Ford Edison estates. Were there good trails through out?

    • Not sure, we were tired after walking the primary areas, which are very accessible. LOTS of visitors though. Definitely would avoid it on weekends.

  3. Love the bumper sticker! Liz

  4. We so enjoyed our time with Pauline and Virginia too. Great Boondocker people !

  5. goldenrod?!

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