Posted by: sunnyharvy | March 30, 2017

Farewell Florida

We have enjoyed our four months in Florida much more than anticipated, but the temperature is rising (86 degrees forecast for tomorrow), so we are heading further north.

Since my last post we have been slowly making our way up the Atlantic coast. Thanks to fellow Westy owner Dave in Cocoa Beach for letting us camp out at his beachfront motel again for a few days. This post tells of our visit last December with more photos.

I was surprised to see this pair fishing together again four months after coming across them here before.

Boondocking next to the pond at RV Golf Club host The Preserves at Turnbull Creek in New Smyrna Beach.

Guess the owner of this truck never paid his repair bill.

Camped alongside the St. Johns River in East Palatka, thanks to Peggy, my former roommate’s mother.

The next day the three of us drove Peggy’s car down to tiny Georgetown where Kim and Rod picked us up on their pontoon boat. Here we are on our way to their cottage on rustic Drayton Island.

Peggy and daughter Kim walking to the cottage.

The charming 600 square foot cottage Rod and Kim had built and are now living in full time.

Peggy with Kim’s babies. Hope I look (and think) as good as Peggy when I’m 95 years old. You go girl!

Kim takes us on an island tour in the mule. No paved roads here!

Time to leave.

Goodbye Peggy and Kim – thank you for lots of fun!

Out of commission boat house on Lake George.

We spent the next afternoon in beautiful St. Augustine, the oldest colony in America and a nearly perfect tourist destination. With beautifully restored historic architecture, unique shops, wide-ranging restaurant offerings, a harbor, a fort and much more, all within walking distance, who could ask for more? We were lucky to visit on a not too busy weekday.

Classic car in front of the majestic Spanish style Casa Monica, which was built in 1888 and restored in 1999.

The former Ponce de Leon Hotel is now part of the Flagler College campus.

Rotunda dome in the old hotel lobby.

Tiffany glass windows in stairwell to student residences.

Dining in what was once the sunken swimming pool in the former Alcazar Hotel. At the time it was built, the bathing pool was the largest indoor pool in the world. Click on link above to see old photo of it.

Entrance to Castillo de San Marcos, now part of the National Parks system.

Our last stop in Florida was the same as our first back in November – charming Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, just south of the Georgia state border. We featured this location on this post from our previous visit.

We thank our Boondockers Welcome host Mike for welcoming us back for a longer stay. With three nights and two full days to explore we got to know this unique town a little better.

We toured the historical museum in the old jail.

Interesting comparison to Newport, Rhode Island where we will be returning to soon.


  1. Oh, no, we’ve thought of you as our “neighbors” while we’ve both been in Florida. Head our wat 70’s. Dauphin Island 70’s next 10 days, perfect for bird watching.

    What a great way to end your trip from the sublime, friend’s cabin, to the stately Flager College.

    Peggy’s good looks and health at age 95 are a great ad for living in Florida.

    Don’t know what way you are headed, but check out Folkston Funnel in GA.

  2. Darn it! Now have to add St. Augustine to the bucket list. Here’s a place to check out in Odessa, Florida (just a little back-tracking): Stark Barn B&B. I stayed there 3-16-17 — a giant New Hampshire barn completely moved and reconstructed as a modern B&B + a working farm. OK to name drop me to John and Martha, the visionaries of Stark Barn B&B.

  3. I’m glad you got to experience Florida as few Floridians and tourists do.
    It was great seeing you!

  4. Want to see that hotel… area…

  5. So glad you have enjoyed Florida more than anticipated – and had fun with hosts! Wow – the transformation of the hotel swimming pool to dining. Love all your photos – always!.

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